Sunday, February 1, 2009

The finished exterior

The exterior of Grimmault Place is pretty much finished. I will probably add a few more bits of trash on the sidewalk and eventually, I'd like to put a nice wood veneer on the bottom where it's painted black. I'm very pleased with how the outside has come along. Now, I'll be spending my time focusing on the interior details.

The basement and boiler room

This is the basement as it is so far and the beginnings of the boiler room where Kreacher slept. I still have a ways to go with the boiler room, but I think it's off to a good start. A red grain of wheat bulb adds a glow to the rooom without it being too bright. The boiler was made from an oatmeal canister.

This is the entire kitchen room. The area to the right where there are no stones is where the fireplace/stove will be.

The 4th wall of Sirius Blacks bedroom

After completely wallpapering the inside of the front panel door, I found out that the walls in Sirius Blacks bedroom were covered in a silver/gray silk. And, since I'm trying to following the books as closely as I can, I had to redo the wall. So, I got rid of what was originally put up and replaced it with a real silver/gray silk. I also used dirty fingers and 'aged' it a bit to make it look older. Once I get the window trim, crown and baseboard up the wall will look more finished. The other three walls in the room will be done the same way.